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Arapos Spyros - Viohal [Quality Policy]


It is our company's Policy to put weight on securing the best product quality. More specifically we strive to keep improving the quality of the products that we offer our clients.

Evita Interfoil has some basic principles and philosophy when it comes to product quality. They are as follows:

  • The product must satisfy the client to the full extent of the client?s wishes which are specified by the client himself either by verbal or scripted communication with an authorized executive of the company. Satisfaction is directly connected with maintaining product specifications.
  • We create products that are certified according to European Union Standards so they are suitable for household use and use with foods in general.
  • Great emphasis is given in supporting and working closely with the clients so as to ascertain that the products cover their actual needs.
  • With constant research for new products and new ways to improve and grow we can say we serve the Greek market in the maximum capacity.
  • There are specific and detailed processes backed up by directions, forms and diagrams that cover every area of the company's activities.


Our company commits to provide the necessary resources both human and material, for every action that is connected to informing and servicing with great attention to quality.