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Arapos Spyros - Viohal [Company]



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The company Viohal Arapos Spyros Ltd. is the continuation of the company Arapos I Spyridon Which since 1981 is producing high quality products for household use such as Aluminum Foil, Cling Film and Baking Paper.

In 1992 our company expanded its activity to the production of paper tissue for professional as well as for household use such as: Napkins, Facial Tissue, Toilet paper , Kitchen paper, Cleaning materials, etc.

Furthermore Since 1994 we have been dealing with importing packaging and trading of aluminum and plastic (pet) vessels for one use.

Our companys? products can be found in the market under the brand names: Primo Foil, Venus Foil, Allu Forms, Evita, Vanda, Family, Sunny, Mild Soft, Tifany, Roseta, Nova.

Lastly our company produces and distributes its products all over Greece with the assistance of contractors and special associates. All our raw material that are used, have the appropriate certificates for use with food according to EU effective regulations.